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When you have no clothes or as Stormy’s lawyer said, “scantly clad clothing” and modeling….what are you selling?  He used the term referring to pictures of Trump’s wife, Melania and he said  they were  beautiful pics.    He did not go to the gutter like Rudy.   She was scantly clothed, he said.   Now, this is how Avenatti referred to Melania this AM..

He wanted to remind Mr. Giuliani that Mrs. Trump modeled in scantly clad clothes but she also modeled for MONEY nude.   Did Rudy not have any respect for her as well?   The hypocrisy of this goes even beyond the hypocritical thinking of these people on an everyday basis.  Did Melania not model her body for money because I see no difference.

How in the world is Stormy Daniel’s profession making her any less valued than Melania or Ivanka for that matter?   Did he even think this would not backfire directly on to Trump’s family and Trump, himself?

If he was appealing to the evangelical base, well there was Mary  ( not Jesus’s mother ) who was being stoned and she was a prostitute, so that holds no water.  Jesus said to her accusers to those without sin, cast the first stone.  They cherry pick morality or values just as they cherry pick everything else and it is sickening.

I am not slut shaming here.  I say it is his not my job or his job to devalue any one’s worth and when people live in glass houses, don’t pick up the biggest rock and hurl it.   That is exactly what he did.    Rudy made a fool of himself more than usual.

Stormy’s chosen profession, Melania’s, Ivanka’s or anyone else’s is not any of my business even if I would not have chosen in my past to do modeling or acting in the nude,  but I also would not choose many professions that others have and hypocrisy is so very present  from Rudy.  I will say when you are the First Lady, or First Daughter, or President, then most people will hold a higher standard of behavior.   This does not happen in this administration.   I wrote an article here waaay back about Melania and her modeling days and I knew it could come back and bite her.   I wrote that article not to shame her, but since we know 45’s reputation and hypocritical thinking, I thought people should know her background JUST in case someone’s else’s profession got smeared and lo and behold it didn’t even take a full term to happen.

The lying, the cheating, the racism, the sexism, the cruelty, the backstabbing and hypocrisy has risen to a level one can barely stand.  It has reached a whole new level.   Stormy Daniels has value.   Stormy Daniels is a person.  Stormy Daniels should not have been threatned.   Stormy Daniels should not be demeaned.  Melania is the FLOTUS…and this is a boomerang Rudy just flung.

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