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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Sean Hannity revels in accusing HRC of violating U.S. Code, but tonight he broke the law himself, encouraging witnesses in the Mueller investigation to destroy their cellphones to prevent Bobby Three Sticks from pulling information from the devices he has demanded they turn over…

And that’s a problem.

And then he repeated himself:

Maybe Hannityjob is so distraught over his Fuhrer going to Club Fed that he is determined to ride that prison bus with him.

If so he might have purchased his ticket tonight.

Lordy, I know there is tape.

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  1. what evidence i thought he said they were innocent thier should not be any evidence hmmmm me thinks hes fixen to go down to and he knows it

  2. Like the President he likes to mock our justice system. He is even less protected than Trump. I even have doubts he would gets a pardon.

  3. I agree with Mr. Johnson. The dotard impostor president says it’s a witch hunt so there can’t be any evidence. Hannity is worried about the insider trading he did to get his slumlord buildings. I’m sure the cell phones will prove their innocence. They must be examined & they will be exonerated since they’ve never done anything worse than sing too loud at church.

  4. Promoting criminal activity on national television is a no-no. Perhaps, a notice to appear before the special counsel is in order. I’d like to see this piece of sh*t run his mouth at Mueller, and get tossed in jail for a cooling off period.

  5. Pawn Hannity…… What a boob. Please can anyone do something to counter the “just kidding” defense? Can’t joke at the airport, etc.without arrest…


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