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After pig man Giuliani set off a firestorm saying Stormy Daniels has no credibility because, “just look at her,” several of the women of MSNBC gathered on the set of MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle to discuss how Donald Trump has set this country back decades in terms of how women are valued. During the riveting conversation, which can be seen in full below, a visibly upset Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski, who has herself been a target of Donald Trump’s misogynistic attacks, revealed one more hypocritical tidbit about the serial philandering, sexual assaulter-in-chief: his #1 complaint about living in the White House is he cannot access porn.

Evangelicals’ continued support of this cretin has their own values on full display. And to be clear, if Donald Trump wants to watch adult films, that is his prerogative. Let’s just drop the phony values crap.

After dropping that newsworthy item, Brzezinski and Ruhle continued the discussion surrounding pig man Giuliani, with attorney Michael Avenatti chiming in. Avenatti has made it clear that Rudy Giuliani should be fired immediately and the women agreed in this riveting segment.


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