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GeoBeats News / YouTube

Vice President Mike Pence seeeth. Vice President Mike Pence doeth.

In a moment that quickly went viral and became the source of laughter (as well as concern), Pence was captured in an extreme sycophantic moment as he robotically removed a water bottle from a conference table after President Donald Trump—for no good reason that anyone on Earth has yet thought of—did so first.


In response, Twitter howled:

As others observed, Trump has a thing about moving items around while seated at a conference table:

Might be hard for Pence to keep up with all that.

Meanwhile, in more significant news and during the same FEMA meeting, Pence also did this:

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  1. We are all talking about getting trump kicked out the front door but it’s time to look at Pence??? What will he do with all the MESS we are in!!!


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