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One of Trump’s loyal subjects and the U.S. Ambassador, Nikki Haley, took a virtual beating at the United Nations meeting. The Twitter video below via Now This shows Haley begging other ambassadors to sign her Trump/U.S. Gaza Resolution. At one point in the video, with hand over her heart, Haley appears to be asking one ambassador, “Oh, please.” But her desperate attempts were to no avail leaving her in a very awkward situation. She then, in Trump style, tries to bully and threaten the entire U.N..

One ambassador said that he never, in the history of the U.N., had seen a resolution shot down the way Haley’s was. Here is the Now This video. With some videos, it’s easeier to just read the transcript. I would recommend watching this one. It’s too good not to.

Here is the Now This video  transcript. They write:

Watch Nikki Haley struggle to find supporters for her resolution on Gaza at the U.N. Security Council. She walked around the Council chamber trying to convince other members to sign her draft. She even appears to mouth the word “please” at the Peru Ambassador.

Haley is trying to stop Kuwait’s Resolution—which condemns use of force against protesters in Gaza. So she drafted her own, which blamed the violence on Hamas.

Human Rights Attorney Noura Erakat speaks out:

“It’s important to point out why we’re pointing fingers at Hamas. It’s part of a dehumanizing project because of an Islamophobia trope around Muslims being violent, driven by irrational hatred.

We are able to collapse all Palestinians and their struggle for freedom in that particular demonizing trope to justify lethal use of force where it wasn’t necessitated.”

Haley pleaded with members to support the draft and reject the Kuwait resolution, saying:

“We strongly encourage this council to vote against Kuwait’s resolution and encourage the concerns of Hamas by voting for the U.S. Resolution. Each of you have a choice—you either support Hamas, or not. This vote will tell the story.”

(Kind of like those pesky Facebook chain messages that say, “If you believe in God, you’ll share this with 20 friends.” Um, yes, I happen to beleive in God and no, I won’’t share it, but I will block you.)

Back to Haley’s failure. Only one nation ended up voting for her drafted resolution. Just one—the United States. Palestinian Ambassador Miyad Mansour responds:

”I don’t beleive that there was, in the history of the United Nations,  in which a country to submit a draft resolution not to receive except on vote—the vote of the party that did submit the draft resolution.

If that is not the epic of complete failure, I want you to tell me what is failure in the Security Council.”

The Kuwait Resolution garnered ten U.N. votes, but Trump—I mean Haley, used the U.S. veto power to shoot it down, adding:

“For those not having our back, we’re taking names.” We will make points to respond to that accordingly.”

If she wan’t such a “Look at me—I’m the shitz” I’d almost be embarrassed for Haley. And there’s only so much you can blame on Trump. One day, Nikki Haley will have to answer to, and take ownership of what she has done while representing the United States at the United Nations. Before that time, bets are she’s going to hear, “Your fired!” Trump won’t have loyal subjects failing or people mocking him—especially if it’s the rest of the world.

I have to stop sometimes when writing to take in what is actually going on in this country. My palm goes to the face when I realzie what kind of madman remains in office, due to the  #SilentGOP that control  one of the most corrupt branches of American goverment everr—merely by watching Trump break constitional law and not stopping him. I hope they’re losing sleep at night wondering if they’re going to go down with the Trump ship. More bets that they will.

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  1. We will take names. And we will respond accordingly. And the rest of the world, not prioritizing one religion’s rights over another, will just move on – as in so many other issues, treaties, etc: where “It’s my way or the highway” attitude takes place.


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