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Looks like Paulie Numbnuts should cancel any plans he had for the weekend, former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman thinks it more than a good possibility that Manafort will go directly to jail after Friday’s hearing on the revocation of his bail.

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“Former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman counseled Paul Manafort to bring a toothbrush to court on Friday, because the former prosecutor expects him to be sent directly to federal prison. Litman made his statements during an interview with Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace.

“This is the stupidest thing that a defendant can do, this sort of witness tampering,” he added.

“Prosecutors hate this, judges hate this and he’s going to have to bring his toothbrush to court on Friday because the statue says, if they find this happened, there’s a presumption that no circumstances exist that will get him safely there for trial,” Litman explained. “So there’s the real prospect that he now goes to jail, never to leave even until the end of his sentence.”
This added pressure could increase the chances that Manafort will seek to cut a deal with the special counsel, in which he would plead guilty and receive a smaller sentence by testifying against those above him in the organization.
“He’s looking at being in prison, which is a very sort of focusing event, by Friday,” Litman concluded.
Any hopes the Republicans had of Robert Mueller not creating a huge stink before the fall elections probably went out the window with these witness tampering charges, once Mr. Gucci loafers hits the Federal Penitentiary the pressure on drumpf to spring him with a pardon is gonna be tremendous and one of the charges is, of course, Conspiracy against the United States.
Sure, drumpf can skate on that with his clueless base, but how will that play out with the temporaily deluded independents and blue dog Dems that put him in office?
Here’s the vid:
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