Absolutely positively HUGE Dem turnout

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Elisabeth Gaj / Flickr

Fantastic turnout figures coming out this morning, compared to 2014. I looked at four of the states, and here we go:

California Governor: (Cal numbers are approximate and might go down proportionally): GOP increase of 31% from 2014, Democratic increase 112%

New Jersey Senate: GOP increase 54%, Dems 105% 

Alabama Governor: GOP increase 34%, Dems 57%

Mississippi Senate: GOP decrease of 49%, Dems up 1% (Republicans had a competitive race in ‘14, but still. Half as many voters? Wow)

Democratic primary turnout is a very good indication of how many folks are voting in November. As I have said previously, ignore the surveys and DO NOT listen to the talking heads on cable. They want horse races, so they don’t care about numbers that show otherwise.

Have you bought your life jacket yet?

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