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Most of the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles team didn’t want to visit Donald Trump’s White House, so he showed them—he really showed them. Instead of celebrating the Eagles, Trump celebrated nationalism with an audience of obvious Republican staffers pretending to be Eagles fans. Check these people out:

Do you see any Eagles jerseys in that extremely white crowd? If there is one, you’ll need a magnifying glass to find it. In case there was any lingering question about these people’s Eagles fan status:

But how about that heartfelt celebration of patriotism, huh?

And …

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  1. Let’s not forget about Tim Tebow, the NFL quarterback that kneeled in prayer/protest of abortion during the National Anthem in 2012 and was praised by fans for being a “model American,” then was given 3 new NFL contracts in addition to a Major League Baseball contract and millions in endorsement deals (as a back-up quarterback). If you can’t see the hypocrisy in this, then chances are YOU are a part of the problem America has faced for centuries.

  2. From the inauguration to yesterday’s patriotism non-event, people just don’t want to show up much with the impostor president around. Funny how when you call people SOB’s & talk about firing them & deporting them they have a tendency to not like you very much. He’s not invited to important State funerals & athletes shun him & he has to force people in suits to pretend to care & show up at his bogus event. If he wants people to hang on his every word he should contact Robert Mueller. I’m sure he’d be interested in showing up for a conversation about patriotism.

  3. The biggest farce and joke of all is our Russian elected 5 time draft dodger POTUS pretending to be holier and more patriotic than thou! He hates democracy and is quickly trying to turn America into an authoritarian government so he can be like his idols, .. a dictator for life!


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