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Robert Mueller accuses Paul Manafort of attempting to shape potential witnesses’ testimony and asks to send him to jail as he awaits his trial 

More interesting is Trump bleating about Manafort coincident to his getting caught attempting witness tampering.

Important to remember that a Trump pardon isn’t going to cover some things that will be prosecuted where the money was transferred.

Because he could flip and give Trump up because of Manafort being implicated with a bunch of current and former European politicians during the Russian ‘invasion’ of Ukraine/Crimea. And then there’s the role of among other US Congress members, Dana Rohrabacher and Chuck Grassley in this…

So, if you’re right about this being the article Manafort and Gates arranged, the @nytimes covered Manafort / Yanukovych orchestrated murders of protesters which were carried out to provide cover for Putin as he invaded and stole Crimea from Ukraine.

The accusations against the onetime manager of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and his number two Rick Gates give a thorough account of what anti-corruption experts call “reputation laundering.”

Prosecutors say the scheme’s aim was seemingly to clean up the reputation of the government of Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, particularly following his jailing of political rival and former prime minister Yulia Timoshenko.

Here is how Mueller’s team lays out the case, according to the indictment:

First, two Washington-based firms hired by Manafort and Gates in 2012 to act as lobbyists were told they would be “representing the government of Ukraine.” The indictment doesn’t name the firms, though previous reporting suggests these are likely to be the Podesta Group and Mercury. The firms set about lobbying members of Congress on issues such as sanctions against the Ukraine, the validity of the country’s elections, and Timoshenko’s imprisonment.

Those who are paid to do that kind of lobbying by a foreign power must register with the US government as “foreign agents,” under a system designed to reveal any paid political motivations. Instead, the firms allegedly acted as if they were representing the Brussels-based Center for a Modern Ukraine, a bogus organization set up by Yanukovych’s regime in 2012. To pay the firms, Manafort and his number two Rick Gates wired them more than $2 million from offshore shell companies in noted money-laundering hubs Cyprus and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Neither Mercury nor Podesta has been charged in the probe.

Remember how Manafort’s daughters had their texts leaked?

“You know he has killed people in Ukraine? Knowingly,” Andrea Manafort allegedly wrote of her father in March 2015. “About a year ago. Revolts and what not.”

That’s what the nytimes wrote about.

So, if you’re right about this being the article Manafort and Gates arranged, the @nytimes covered Manafort / Yanukovych orchestrated murders of protesters which were carried out to provide cover for Putin as he invaded and stole Crimea from Ukraine.


Holy FORK…this is the SAME FBI Agent that detailed Paul’s Kiev Post Article
SC Office wants Manafort remanded
Lordy this is SPECTACULAR Spicy

OMG …this is BAD so bad for Manafort
Hapsburg Group and current members of Congress
Mueller has them all, every last one of them…
All of them are going down I say Mercury & Podesta Group down going down…

Lordy no joke Exhibit A-N
Here’s one I snagged

Exhibit B
Emails from 2011? Mother of Gawd..doesn’t Paul know nothing is ever deleted.…

Exhibit C this appears to be related to Manafort’s lobbying contract…the use of Chancellor suggest Germany aka Hapsburg Group
Open Source Link…

Exhibit D…enter US Senator, US Sen Chief of Staff and two unknown Ukraine or Russians
Taking bets on who the Senator is?
I’m going with Grassley or Sanders…

I’m beginning to think Mercury & Podesta Group are so forked like stick an actual fork in them, they are done
Exhibit E

Exhibit F
Read that paragraph in the red box, nato and Europe in the context of Ukraine and Russia and then look at the date…

Exhibit G as in Goddamnit
Look at each of these pages, then go back to each Committee and you can figure out who the Congressional Members are see 2013 roster…

Exhibit I as in IDIOT you freaking idiot
Also looks bad for NYTs as they published the ish……

Exhibit J
if you look at the dates you can figure what NYTs article/opEd irrespective of the redactions
cc @JamesFourM you called the NYTs angle in early 2017, I think February
Open Source Link…

Exhibit L
Acknowledgment of NYTs publication
So Jay +/- 1 to 2 days we are looking at February 18 or 19 or 20th of 2014.

Give me 5 minutes to fire up my laptop…

Quick observations:

1) Manafort Feb 2018 – witness tampering- one could infer Manafort doesn’t think Trump is going to pardon him. Otherwise WHY take the risk

2) SC Mueller’s filing was a cannon shot at Trump & complicit members of Congress

3) TL = Trump Miss Universe deal

Regarding the “super VIPs” of the Hapsburg Group, this particular article is one of the most detailed and sourced to the teeth. They drop names like I drop F bombs on Tuesday at 3PM.

????????No really read it????????

Trust me…READ the 3rd paragraph very closely…it explains the Kayne West Connection
Moreover the Gusenbauer Plan (yup I ripped the bandaid off) will soon make its appearance in future SC Mueller filings.
Circa 2012-2014 trust me on that

This is going to leave a DEEP skid mark…
Alfred you were FORCED to resign in 2013 after the first Offshore Leaks but I’ll gladly go to Paradise (papers) to show your tangled web of finances
Malta why Malta? Wait for next tweet…

“The resolution was adopted after Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, an anti-corruption campaigner, was killed in October by a car bomb”
Pro-Tip Latvia, Malta, Man of Isle, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore
Mob -cough- SWIFT…

Look at Exhibit G, it’s an itinerary.
Hapsburg & Manafort.
Would it shock you that days later Manafort made a donation to @DanaRohrabacher
He is the House of Rep referenced in tonight’s filing

????????See FEC filing here ????????…

Can anyone please explain why Trump would tweet this

????36 hours BEFORE SC Mueller’s filing????

Maybe I’m crazy but this seems awfully “coincidental” almost like someone gave Trump a heads up

Just reviewed archive.

based on a body of public evidence, mainly
???????? @realDonaldTrump Digital Dear diary aka his twitter screeds.
I’m inclined to believe someone gave Trump the heads up.

????????Open to alternative theories ????????

this could wind up in a divorce preceedings

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