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Donald Trump’s ambassador to Germany seems to think his job is political campaigning, not diplomacy for the United States. Ambassador Richard Grenell said he hopes to use his position in Germany to “empower other conservatives throughout Europe, other leaders.” This is not just a minor faux pas:

“What this man is doing, is unheard of in international diplomacy,” Martin Schulz, former chief of the Social Democratic Party, told national news agency DPA.

“If a German ambassador were to say in Washington that he is there to boost the Democrats, he would have been kicked out immediately.

The head of one left-wing party called for Grenell’s expulsion, saying “Someone like US ambassador Richard Grenell, who thinks he can lord over Europe and determine who is governing here, he can no longer stay in Germany as a diplomat.”

But then, we already knew Donald Trump doesn’t believe in diplomacy, and that he’d like to see more far-right nationalist leaders around the world.

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