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Has Rudy crossed a line by dog-whistling the Trumpian quote from the 2016 Iowa primary where Trump said he could shot somebody and not lose any voters.

gratuitous symbolic violence and empty threats

Giuliani now has added the baggage of Trump’s hypothesized immunity from prosecution and by inference the continued misuse of pardon powers, but for an action meant to transmit multiple messages to multiple constituencies.


By projecting it on Trump’s individual unhappiness with Comey’s unwillingness to break the law, Rudy’s hypothetical also conflates criminal violence with the spate of Trumpian obstruction of justice.

He then includes the prospect of a pardon for criminal behaviors by numerous others performed for Trump’s benefit.

Regardless, Trump is a coward when it comes to actual violence other than his history of committing numerous acts of assault, mainly sexual.

He tends to outsource it, because he has ‘people’. His threats tend to the violent as we now know in some cases despite the NDAs of his sexual encounters.

However the obvious inference is one that suggests condoning the same police behaviors that compelled sporting event protests. Notably that attitude has trickled down to coarseness and insensitivity in everyday life interactions


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