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Senator Jeff Merkley went to a shuttered Wal-Mart in Brownsville, Texas that has been turned into a detention center for children separated from their parents a couple of hours ago to try to get access to the kids and check on their care. The sitting U.S. Senator had the cops called on him and was turned away.

He has posted a video of the encounter on Facebook.

Not a lot of other details yet, will update as available.

I think this Twitter user speaks for all of us.

So it’s now almost 6 AM CDT and only The HillHuffPo, and a couple of Oregon Papers have picked up this story.

HuffPo has found out the name of the Company that is running the Gulag….er Detention Center….Southwest Key Programs. I am going to look them up for another possible update.

So, Southwest Key Programs Is a non-profit HQed it Austin Texas; Their Mission statement:

“The Southwest Key Programs mission is Opening doors to opportunity so individuals can achieve their dreams. A national, nonprofit organization, Southwest Key is committed to keeping kids out of institutions and home with their families, in their communities. We do this through three areas of programming: youth justice alternatives, immigrant children’s shelters, and education. Southwest Key also seeks to create opportunities for families to become self-sufficient by offering programming in adult education, community building and workforce development. The inspiring kids and families we work with are seeking the American dream—equality, education, and a healthier quality of life. At Southwest Key, we simply open the doors to opportunity so they can achieve these dreams.”

Funding: Our Immigrant Children’s Shelters are funded by contracts with the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement, under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. All other Southwest Key programming is funded by grants and contracts from federal, state, and local governments, foundations, corporations and private contributions.

I don’t want to hound them, they may be the best alternative given the circumstances.

But a few phone calls will let them know someone is watching.

Contact info:

6002 Jain Lane, Austin, TX 78721
(512) 462-2181
(512) 462-2028 (fax)


And, oh yeah, they are hiring.


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