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Following the leak of a 20-page letter from Donald Trump’s lawyers to Robert Mueller in which they argue that a president cannot obstruct justice because he has the legal ability to end any federal investigations into himself or his allies for any reason—a unique interpretation of the Constitution that argues a sitting president can commit, cover up or pardon any crimes he might desire—Trump lawyer and camera-remora Rudy Giuliani arrived on the Sunday shows to try to limit the damage.

Of particular note, in the letter, was the acknowledgement that Trump indeed dictated the infamous statement inventing a false cover story for the meeting between Donald Trump Jr, other top campaign members, and Russians promising damaging information about election opponent Hillary Clinton. This is at odds with multiple public statements by the White House at the time.

Rather than admitting that this was either the White House lied or Trump lied to his own staff (and given that White House staffers like Hope Hicks were apparently present at the time Trump was doing this, the truth is not hard to suss out), Giuliani went with a decidedly more creative interpretation of events.

“I mean, this is — this is the reason you don’t let the President testify. If, you know, every, our recollection keeps changing, or we’re not even asked a question, and somebody makes an assumption, in my case, I made an assumption and then I, then, then we corrected, and I got it right out as soon as, as soon as, as soon as it happened. I think that’s what happened here.”

Now that’s an impressive bit of word chaff.

It’s evident why Mueller wants to talk to Trump; on at least a half-dozen occasions, Trump has taken actions that appear from the outside to have few possible explanations other than “our team did a crime and then sought to cover it up afterwards.” And it’s also evident why everyone surrounding Trump, save the orange buffoon himself, wants to prevent that interview at all costs: There’s just no telling how many times Trump’s recollection will “keep changing” after he sits down with federal investigators to give his version of events.

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