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I admit that I am an absolute radical when I express the danger the Republican fascist cult presents to our democracy.  I hate the use of the word tribalism because it implies that the division in our country is between two equally radical political philosophies.  It’s simply not true.  There is an extremely radical herd of sheep being manipulated by authoritarian wannabes on one side, and the rational patriots who believe in democracy on the other.

Most of the never Trumpers certainly have big policy differences from us progressives, but at least they express loyalty to the constitution and the democratic principles America has been marching towards for over 200 years.

But I share the patriotic radicalism that Steve Smith expresses in many of his tweets.  This isn’t the phony patriotism, which is really nationalism, of the Republican sheep, but rather patriotism toward the rule of law and the fundamental principles of democracy.

Steve Schmidt summed it up nicely in this tweet thread concerning that authoritarian legal document from Trump’s lawyers.


I only wish our Democratic members of congress could use the language that Steve Schmidt uses, and which I believe really expresses the seriousness of the threat that Republicans present to our country today.


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