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You read that right. Donald Trump must have been shaken by the size of his most recent correspondence from North Korea, because he certainly wasn’t impacted by its content.

Friday afternoon Donald Trump boasted to reporters about a “very nice letter” he received from Kim Jong Un, taunting them about their hunger to see it and dangling it like an “interesting” and gold-plated carrot.

Approximately eight minutes later, though, when asked about the actual content of the letter, the popular vote loser confidently states that he hasn’t yet seen it. It makes no damn sense, but hey, that’s the American President.

Remarkably, the journalists present let the strangeness slide, even laughing when Trump makes what some might perceive as a joke about being surprised.

The semi-sentient cheese puff was allowed to walk away from the media without a single reporter pointing out his inconsistency.

This is not normal.

That being said, we must remember that in Trumpland, there’s always something else to worry about.

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