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The wannabe Dictator has made it official: his treachery can’t be questioned:

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s lawyers have for months quietly waged a campaign to keep the special counsel from trying to force him to answer questions in the investigation into whether he obstructed justice, asserting that he cannot be compelled to testify and arguing in a confidential letter that he could not possibly have committed obstruction because he has unfettered authority over all federal investigations.

Got that?

In a brash assertion of presidential power, the 20-page letter — sent to the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, and obtained by The New York Times — contends that the president cannot illegally obstruct any aspect of the investigation into Russia’s election meddling because the Constitution empowers him to, “if he wished, terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon.”

It’s harder to say which is being abused more by this circular legal sophistry, the law itself or the American people this grotesque mistake in the Oval Office is supposed to represent. One thing is crystal clear, however, and should not be lost in the reverberations of the media echo chamber: this is not the argument of someone who is innocent, but someone who is desperately trying to hide his guilt.

Mr. Trump’s broad interpretation of executive authority is novel and is likely to be tested if a court battle ensues over whether he could be ordered to answer questions. It is unclear how that fight, should the case reach that point, would play out.

It will be interesting to see how Trump’s propaganda organs on Fox News and Breitbart  fit this “novel” legal interpretation into their strategy for duping Trump’s base. The Times notes that this ploy to characterize Trump as beyond the power of U.S. prosecution is part of a two-pronged strategy that also contemplates a media barrage by willing Russian tools like Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs:

The attempt to dissuade Mr. Mueller from seeking a grand jury subpoena is one of two fronts on which Mr. Trump’s lawyers are fighting. In recent weeks, they have also begun a public-relations campaign to discredit the investigation and in part to pre-empt a potentially damaging special counsel report that could prompt impeachment proceedings.

According to the Times, this tactic by Trump appears grounded in the assumption that the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, would not want to risk “forging new legal ground” by hitting a sitting President with a grand jury subpoena. The shorthand for that argument, of course, is that a criminal President can stand astride the American Justice system and piss on it.

“Ensuring that the office remains sacred and above the fray of shifting political winds and gamesmanship is of critical importance,” they wrote.

What a crock.

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  1. If the Special Counsel subpoenas him now, how will it impact the mid terms? If it doesn’t flip Congress, but has a detrimental effect on the Dems, wait until after the mid terms.

  2. I have been taught from as early as my school days, that no one, and I repeat no one is above the law and that includes the President of any country.

  3. The Cancerous tRump must be excised from this country at the very first possible moment by voting DEM across the board in the Midterms this Nov 6 and the large still to happen Primaries. Remember, it only now takes TWO flips from Repug to DEM to remove the Repug control of the Senate according to today’s news!

    • No one is above the law and that includes the President of any country… Well Spoken G.Russell… I agree.
      But DDT , maybe will find a way, when caught he’ll say
      its not true…What else is new…


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