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After Donald Trump tweeted (of course) Wednesday that he wished he had picked someone other than Jeff Sessions for the attorney general spot, the primary reaction among politicos was to feel bad for poor, put-upon Jeff Sessions. How terrible it is that the man who has devoted himself to undermining decades of civil rights law has to deal with hurt feelings, and so forth.

But nobody in Washington is considering this new evidence that Trump is about to fire Sessions. It may be or it may not be such evidence, but it may be dawning even on Republican lawmakers that you can’t draw the slightest connection between the things Trump bleats on one day and the things he does the next. It’s a crap shoot. It depends on his mood when he wakes up and what he sees on the teevee. He’s as likely to fire Sessions because some buffoon booked onto the Sean Hannity show dared him to as he is to fire him for any other reason. His current rants, then, are spewed just because he can. He is angry that Jeff is not protecting him; he is going to pout and whine and carry on like a toddler whenever anyone, anywhere, reminds him of that, because he has no interest in how a “president” should behave in public and couldn’t pull it off—ever—even if he tried.

And so Trump vents, on and on. His staff is still peddling the notion that he is a containable madman, as opposed to an uncontainable one, and would like us to believe they’ve successfully convinced him that firing an attorney general for not sufficiently crippling an investigation into Russian espionage against the U.S. would be a stupid move even for him.

People familiar with the president’s thinking said Trump feels bound to keep Sessions because firing him could have damaging political consequences.

How true is this, really? It means only that Trump is weighing the risks of firing his attorney general against what Trump currently understands about his own jeopardy in the Mueller investigation and, now, related probes—but will revise that calculation yet again if it begins to look like that jeopardy is getting worse. And it is almost certain to get worse. Little of that is Jeff Sessions’ fault and every bit of it is Donald Trump’s fault, but Donald Trump is an idiot, a moron, a jackass, a narcissist, and an incompetent ego-driven hatepossum, so such nuance is lost on him.

A senior White House official said Wednesday there is no expectation that Trump will fire Sessions or that he was “doing anything more than blowing off steam.”

“He hates the guy,” the official said. “Everyone in the building knows it.”

What a wonderful life it must be to spend your every waking moment catering to a raging dotard who may or may not wish you into the corn field on any given day. It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for—wait, nope. Still doesn’t.

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