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So while doing an edit to this post contrasting Samantha Bee’s legitimate if off-color and mean spirited criticism with Roseanne’s hateful racism I found a link on Reddit that eventually led me too Tweetsave and then ultimately to a web archive page with the below deleted tweet from @TheRealRosesanne.

This was apparently part of a conversation that was taking place during one of the debates and they were playing a drinking game on how many times “Pussy” would be said, and yes it was meant at the time as a relatively light-hearted joke between friends.

To confirm that this is a real tweet the responding tweet by Kelly Carlin is in fact still in place.

So yeah, that happened — Your Move Drumphf.

So apparently Roseanne herself is on the Cunt-Train just like these Trump fans.


And this one, who was a least slightly clever. Kinda.

I. Love. (Hillary) Cunt. Tree. Music.

And Ted Nugent.

Oliver Willis, a writer at the progressive news site Shareblue, unearthed a 1994 interview in which musician Ted Nugent used the same c-word to refer to then-first lady Hillary Clinton.

To show how Nugent’s offensive language has done nothing to impact his standing with Republicans, Willis tweeted a recent photo of Nugent shaking hands with Trump alongside the 24-year-old quote. He referred to the backlash as “fake outrage.”


The photo was taken on April 19, 2017, when Trump dined with Nugent, Kid Rock and Sarah Palin at the White House. The two musicians and one former vice presidential candidate also paused to take a sneering photo together alongside Hillary Clinton’s portrait.

And even Drumpf himself when “joking” around online with Mark McGrath.

But then he wasn’t much joking when he ran into one of the women who has accused him of groping her on an airplane.

Leeds continued: “When his hands started going up my skirt… I managed to wiggle out and stand up, grab my purse, and I went to the back of the airplane. I stayed at the back of the airplane until we landed and everybody was off because I did not want to take the chance of running into him at all.”

She was so horrified by the incident that she did not tell the airline or her boss, Leeds said, but then three years later, upon attending a gala in New York City, she ran into him again. “‘I remember you,’” she recalled Trump saying. “‘You were that… [Cunt] woman from the airplane.’ He called me the worst name ever.”

And here is some commentary I found about this Roseanne’s “Cunt” tweet online via ReBrn online  who just like all the above, don’t really seem all that annoyed or put out by the use of the word in this way.

The same reason my Liberal Aunt loves Trump:  Because a lot of older Liberals who lived through the 90’s hate Hillary.  They know the Clintons are corrupt because they saw it play out, I think a lot of us younger folks forget…

Never thought I would be shitposting alongside her but here we are lmao


31 here, but I remember clearly. The media was a bit more fair then too, but before the Internet got big…so things were easier to cover up too.

What’s really amazing is that if you go and look at the rest of the thread, she was arguing with a friend of hers about Hillary. At the end of the argument they agreed they could disagree and vowed to hang out soon.

Huh, who’d have thought you could be friends but support different sides in politics?

 Damn Straight!

Damn.  That’s a really really good quote.  Multiple levels, spot on and perfectly crass to prove the point.

How about shitposting alongside a friend?

Never thought the day would come I’d agree with Roseanne Barr and start following her on twitter. Fucks sake.


Aye; I can do that.

I disagree. Hillary is absolutely not a cunt. She lacks the depth.

And the warmth.

And the capacity to give pleasure.

I think it was before they knew how far they could push.

They got more practice when they destroyed people like Michael Jackson.

Oh the irony

Do you support Trump?


Last week Obama took the influence of our Constitution out of the governance of internet. If anyone was wondering why, this might have something to do with it.

She was a pretty decent comedian in her time. That’s how she started, as a stand up comic.

Most normal people over 35?

But now I pretty sure they’re nearly all losing their minds because Sam Bee said it about Ivanka completely deflecting both the deeply racist “ape” bullcrap Roseanne said about Valerie Jarret and also Susan Rice as well as from everything else Bee said about separating immigrant children from their parents and then losing them in detention.

Fake Outrage Much?

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