Two days ago, Trump tweeted that he had to focus on important things. So how is that going?

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On Tuesday, Donald Trump opened his morning with a series of tweets attacking Robert Mueller’s team and the investigation into the Trump campaign’s conspiracy with foreign operatives. However, after an extended tirade, Trump announced himself done with such petty matters!

And now, just two days later, it’s time to check in with how Trump is doing with that “focusing.”

On the subject of North Korea, Trump has made … zero tweets. On trade deals … zero. In fact, the grand total of times he’s mentioned anything on his “focus” list after providing that list, would be zero.

Instead, Trump has …

  • Issued four scathing tweets about Jeff Sessions’ recusing himself from the Russia investigation.
  • Made three complaints about the ‘fake news’ or ‘failing media,’ two of which were about the Russia investigation.
  • Promoted a Fox News contributor’s book about the Russia investigation.
  • Repeated a Rush Limbaugh tweet about the Russia investigation.
  • Made two complaints about ABC apologizing to Valerie Jarrett over racist remarks.
  • Devoted two tweets to promoting Republican Rep. Dan Donovan, in which he says Donovan voted for the Trump tax bill. He didn’t.

So nine tweets about the Russia investigation, four about something else. None about the things Trump said he was going to focus on. That’s … really pretty amazing.

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2 Comments on "Two days ago, Trump tweeted that he had to focus on important things. So how is that going?"

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What exactly does Trump do? Has he achieved anything, (apart from the obvious negatives)? Is there really any point to him generally, but specifically as president?

Of course, I’m forgetting one massive initiative, the summit with Kim.


Kim will take the dotard on and completely embarass and decimate whatever he thinks he accomplished.