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Donald Trump has an important announcement on his ability to hand out pardons to anyone, at any time, because justice is not a thing.

D’Souza pleaded guilty to multiple violations of campaign law in in 2014 after conducting a transparent scheme to funnel money to the campaign of Republican Senate candidate Wendy Long. Long drew D’Souza’s love through her shared Islamophobia. Using a series of straw donors, D’Souza handed money to one conservative pal after another, so they could pass it along to Long. The action was so blatant that even Wendy Long became concerned. And D’Souza went so far as lying to both the FBI and the candidate about the money he was pouring into her accounts.

Dinesh D’Souza is best known for his vile right-wing propaganda films and his even more vile political statements. D’Souza has blamed progressives for causing 9/11, blamed feminism for violence against women, argued that the founders actually meant for America to be a Christian theocracy, and wrote an entire book about how the Democratic Party came from Nazis.

And, of course, D’Souza hates President Obama. In addition to three anti-Obama books, D’Souza may best be known for his film about how Obama secretly hates America and was only running for president so he could destroy the country—a film that earned high praise as “a slick infomercial” and “a cavalcade of conspiracy theories.”

D’Souza openly flouted the law, was clearly guilty, and pleaded guilty. But, he hates Obama. That alone is probably enough to merit a pardon from Trump. But there’s a bonus: D’Souza was investigated and charged by United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara. A chance to snub Obama, Bharara, justice, and common decency all in one shot? Donald Trump can’t pass that up.

Long lost her 2012 Senate race to Kirsten Gillibrand by an astounding 43 percentage points. She then ran against Chuck Schumer in 2016, and with D’Souza’s help, lost by an even more laughable 46 percentage points.

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