This is how one responds to Right Wing Hacks in Real Time – Good job Don Lemon

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That is how news networks ensure that political hacks cannot use their airwaves maliciously as conduits of lies, misinformation, and misrepresentations. Don Lemon deserves kudos on this one.

“These voters understand that there is a group of Americans that look down on them and don’t understand them and don’t care,” Former RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields said as he continued lying and misrepresenting. “I’ll finish on this. What it reminds me of is a few years ago on Capitol Hill, a story came out about Democrats. They were going down to a NASCAR race in North Carolina to do some kind of study, and they went and got vaccinations for it. Literally Democrat staffers on the hill — go look it up — went and got vaccinations before they would go to a NASCAR race in North Carolina. That’s the sort of thing that was so — so why would we be surprised that we live in this environment that you’re talking about.”

But then ….

“I need to clear up something for the facts when Mike was mentioning earlier about Democrats going to visit NASCAR, Don Lemon said. “At the time the Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson said in a letter ‘Since committee staff members are visiting hospital and other healthcare facilities available at or near these venues including areas where groups of people are detained before being transferred to other off-site facilities, I believe the recommendation not requirement that our congressional staff receive these same immunizations was sound. They were visiting people who were in hospital and healthcare facilities.’ And so they figured it wasn’t, they didn’t have to do it, but it would be better if they were immunized. Thank you. We’ll be right back.”

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I doubt any of us will live long enough to see all these lies brought into the sunlight. Don Lemon and his kin, deserve the most support. Sure, they have their own biases like we all do. But exploring innuendos and surly suggestions, and bringing to surface, long standing misconceptions, has never been more important when we have an administration woven with lies, misdirection, and inequities of the gravest kind. In addition, a select news media designed to disseminate and perpetuate this trash. If there is a hell, all these fakers and lying arrogant politicians should adorned in orange jump… Read more »
John M.Sheehan
John M.Sheehan

Thanks Don…