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Chelsea Clinton has seen, heard and read her share of disgusting, odious and horrific public images, descriptions and conspiracies against her mother, former presidential candidate /Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton. So when news came Thursday out about TV political pundit Samantha Bee calling Ivanka Trump a “c*nt, the White House and Republicans attacked Bee comparing her comment to Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet from Tuesday.

Chelsea Clinton helped remind the White House of that time when Ted Nugent called Hillary, then the First Lady of the United States— a “c**nt in 1994 during a magazine interview. Jacqueline Thomson with The Hill reports:

Clinton shared a tweet by Shareblue writer Oliver Willis, who put a transcript of Nugent’s use of the crude term next to an image of the musician with Trump. Willis captioned the photos “something something something samantha bee fake outrage something.”


In her tweet, Chelsea added:

“I keep hoping for consistency too, Oliver. Though I’m not holding my breath!”

Last year, Ted Nugent was invited to the White House, along with Trump-loving right wing extremists Sarah Palin and musician Kid Rock. The three posed for a picture under the official portrait of Hillary Clinton to mock her—no doubt prompted by the forever Hillary-jealous Donald Trump.

Today, in their attempt  to condemn and demonize Bee and get her fired, the White House forgot to mention Nugent’s c*nt reference towards Hillary when Ms. Clinton was First Lady of the United States (by the way, Ted—everyone’s apologizing—waiting on yours). Republican, the GOP, conservatives, RW pundits and religious fanatics were all over Samantha Bee for her slur against Ivanka Trump—a women illegitimately given a position of great power by her father—an illegitimate fake so-called president. But where where they for Ted Nugent and where was their outrage over Rosanne Barr?

How very convenient, how very hypocritical, how very GOP—how very fucked up.

What Samantha Bee said on air was vulgar, impulsive and stupid—and something most of us have thought. To whine that what Bee said is as bad as what Roseanne Barr tweeted—is ridiculous. Name-calling is immature. Promoting and stoking racism in the way Barr targeted Muslims and Blacks is dangerous—and deadly.

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  1. Gee, Samantha took the word right out of my mouth. All Trump’s kids got the ‘corrupt, phony, lying’ genes from him. Ivanka is now out campaigning for the traitor-at-large Nunes!!!! Maybe Samantha should have added an adverb to her invective – f*&king c*nt.

  2. Of course….the Republicans are brain dead when it comes to THEIR party. Not one of them should remain in office.


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