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Retired Greenville, South Carolina, English teacher Yvonne Mason made headlines last week after it was reported that a letter she had received from Donald Trump was so poorly written, she found herself un-retiring in order to mark it up.

“I have never, ever, received a letter with this many silly mistakes,” Mason said.

The former Mauldin High School teacher promptly did what she had done thousands of times before: She corrected the writing and returned it, this one going back to the White House.

The letter was in reply to one she had sent the White House after the terrible school shootings in Parkland, Florida, this past February. While Mason understands that she was receiving a “form letter” from the White House, it does have Trump’s signature on it, and it is representative of our country.

“When you get letters from the highest level of government, you expect them to be at least mechanically correct,” Mason said.

She dinged the Trump letter particularly for repeatedly capitalizing “nation,” “federal,” “president” and “state,” turning these common nouns into proper nouns.

Mason was on CNN today to discuss her report card for the Trump letter, and while she said she hated “giving grades” and that it would be dependent on the class she was teaching, Trump’s form letter received a “D” from her, and “maybe I would give him something for effort.” Watch below and enjoy.

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  1. As badly written as the letter was, it surprised me that it had any construction at all, given his inability to string a coherent sentence together. It looks as though it was “corrected” by someone on his staff, but retaining his Trump-speak garbage. Surely he could have asked one of his minions to construct such an important letter in a style befitting a head of state? Anyway, I think it says all one needs to know about this incompetent administration so I think it will be a befitting legacy to the charade that is the Trump presidency.


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