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It took about two minutes for Shep Smith to thoroughly debunk one of Donald Trump’s Tuesday tweets and it’s something to behold.

The Orange One sent out quite a fiery tweet first thing Tuesday morning, calling Mueller and his team Democrats (again) while predicting meddling in the 2018 midterms, all while denying collusion. You know, one of his usual breakfast rants full of nonsense.

Shep Smith, the only guy at Fox News who doesn’t also spew complete nonsense 100% of the time, deconstructed and debunked the tweet piece by piece, with a little Spygate added in, as a bonus serving of truth on the network that loves to serve lies. It’s worth two minutes of your time.

Full transcript:

President Trump is accusing the Special Counsel and its team of a new set of conspiracy theories. Unfounded, Not based in fact or reason, with no evidence to support them.

The president says that Robert Mueller and his team are meddling in the mid-terms. There’s nothing to support that claim and neither the President nor the White House has offered anything to support that claim. Yet here’s the tweet.

The president claims the Special Counsel investigating Russia election interference and potential collusion with Team Trump will be meddling in our elections. There’s nothing to indicate that is true.

As for the rest of the tweet, documents show there are people that registered as Democrats on the Special Counsel’s team, but Robert Mueller is a Republican. So is President Trump’s Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller. An appointment many top Republicans praised.

The so-called rigged Russia witch hunt is not a witch hunt. It resulted in charges against four former Trump associates. Three pleaded guilty to lying about Russia.

The president said the Feds spied on his campaign with an informant. The president calls it “Spygate. Fox News knows of no evidence to support the president’s claim that lawmakers from both parties said using an informant to investigate suspected ties to Russia is not spying. It’s part of the normal investigative process.

Later in the segment, Smith voiced frustration. “You laugh at them because there’s almost nothing else you can do.”

But in living rooms across the country, millions of Fox News viewers probably cursed Smith’s name and dismissed the truth as a lie. Smith’s uncommon penchant for reporting facts has made him reviled by many a Fox fan, who prefer to get their “news” from the likes of screaming bloviators like Sean Hannity.

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