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Donald Trump started off Memorial Day with a tweet that remembered America’s fallen service members … by explaining just how everyone who ever died in defense of American liberty, would be so, so happy to discover that they had done so in order to hand the nation over to Trump.

In a jaw-dropping inversion of tradition, Donald Trump is saying that every patriot who died for America … should be grateful to Donald Trump. Then, after starting the day with a comment that made every Memorial Day mattress sale seem like the height of patriotism in comparison, Trump made it almost an hour before he once again let go with just plain lies.

Clearly enjoying his extended executive time parked in front of Fox News, Trump came across statements that he couldn’t resist memorializing via tweet.

There is no “spy gate” because there was no spy. Trump knows that. Fox News knows that. Even the sad delegation of Republican lawmakers who Trump dragged in to see his sorry attempt at generating a scandal knows that. But Trump is convinced that he doesn’t need facts, evidence, or even supposition on his side. He can create a deflection ex nihilo, counting on the other end of his alt-Reich duet to echo and amplify his claims.

And Donald Trump is spending memorial day attacking two people: Sally Yates and Barack Obama. Which really is an act of remembrance. Because it reminds us exactly why people support Donald Trump.

Even by the vague standards of conspiracy theory mumble-mumble, this is an extraordinarily weak statement. There is literally not one act or fact mentioned. It’s not that there aren’t just facts, there aren’t even any … anything. The only there there, is that Sally Yates is scary. And why would that be?

Really, if this is the best either Fox or Trump can do, it’s kind of amazingly blah. And amazingly obvious. There’s nothing to either of Turley’s statements or Trump’s tweets, but waving the name of Yates and Obama.

But then, that may be all Trump supporters need for Memorial Day. A flash of the old Stars and Bars.

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  1. The title of this article states: “Trump’s ego recognizes no holidays…”

    But that is pure bullshit! After all, Donnie John say’s that he is responsible for allowing Americans to say MERRY CHRISTMAS again.

  2. “Every fallen patriot, should be thankful’? This POS has to be kidding. Every fallen patriot just turned over in their graves. If those patriots were alive, they would do anything and everything in their power to run his stinking ass out of the White House.


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