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Was it just 11 years ago when this diary appeared: Why Was Giuliani Booed at Yankee Stadium. davefromqueens, writing the entry had these thoughts about it:

The people of New York City booed Rudy Giuliani because they know what a scumbag he truly is.  Giuliani couldn’t get elected dogcatcher in New York City today unless the only other candidate running was named Michael Vick.

The people of New York City know about Giuliani’s command center, the defective firefighter radio equipment, Bernard third grade detective Kerik, his phony crime statistics, his lousy education policies, his tax increases on the middle class combined with tax cuts and welfare for the top 1%, Thomas Von Essen, Judy Nathan, his defense of Abner Louima’s torturers, his attempt to close down a museum over one painting, his mistreatment of Donna Hanover and their two children, Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, his halting of rescue and recovery at 9/11 on behalf of a contractor, his 2004 GOP Convention speech, his cheerleading of Bush, his silence about Osama Bin Laden, his exploitation of the 9/11 tragedy, his avaricious attempts to profit from the tragedy, his raiding of the widow’s victim funds for his cronies, his business links to many of the same groups that he calls terrorists, etc…

Well, gosh,  davefromqueens, why don’t you tell us how you really feel? Anyway, it’s remarkable how times have not changed. Today, Trump’s Main Mouthpiece was introduced again at the stadium, on his birthday, no less, and the crowd roared…in disapproval.

Yankee fans gave Rudy Giuliani the Giancarlo Stanton treatment.

The former New York City mayor was at The Stadium to celebrate his 74th birthday on Memorial Day, with the PA announcer sharing the news with the crowd and wishing him a happy birthday.

The fans, however, greeted him with hearty boos

Giuliani, of course, has joined Donald Trump’s administration as the President’s attorney — something the majority of those in attendance didn’t seem to approve of.

Aw, I guess the stadium wasn’t filled with the MAGA nuts from Twitter. He probably has gotten too used to the cult-like audience of the Mujahideen-e Khalq, who pay him big bucks, to boot, who are one of the few groups who still give him love.

Poor, poor Rudy. All he has done is sold whatever little dignity and principles he had to front for a man who has been willing to sell the country out to the highest bidder for his own personal wealth, while employing every other big crook there is and defying every American principle of decency, the protection of human rights, including our right to a clean environment, the constitution and the rule of law. So welcome to the new world, Rudy. We don’t much like you anymore.

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