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It’s a sad state of affairs when we as a nation are reduced to hoping that a holiday tweet of the heiress to the porcelain throne that her father has made of the Presidency is merely an exercise in heartlessness, stupidity and moral bankruptcy rather than a conscious act of gaslighting and whistling to the proverbial canine.

But, in 2018, here we are.

Yesterday, a day or two after the news had broken that her father’s Gestapo…er…ICE agents had misplaced some 1500 children that had been summarily stolen from their immigrant parents to be placed in hastily constructed detention centers or auctioned off to human traffickers, Ivanka Trump chose to vomit up this Tweet, letting her father’s devoted and deplorable volk-kind know that despite the systematic degradation and torment being unleashed upon thousands of not quite human enough brown people that all was just honky dory in her lily white world…

Needless to say the Twittersphere was sickened:


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  1. The more I read this story, the more pissed off I get. I had a father who served during WWII to help keep America from for all. And now we have a Nazi loving. racist nutcase in the White House, who did nothing but dodge the draft. Then has the nerve to yank kids from the arms of the parents, because they are not lily white like his daughter, who has the nerve to have a pic showing her and her child. While others are suffering. Stirs show much hatred in me on this memorial day. I pray that karma comes around for the whole Trump family.

  2. How utterly awful! The Trumps — all of them — seem to be totally horrible and with no empathy at all. Melania — get out of there quickly and take Baron with you! Perhaps you could get into a witness protection program.

    • Not unusual for families riddled with Incest as this one certainly is, along with all the same sicknesses shared among them.

  3. She fits the “deportation model” & losing her children model to a T; wonder why Daddy isn’t sending her packing, too? Remember, even having all the right papers does nothing for a person who has a non-communist or Unamerican name! You wife and daughter should BOTH be deported!

    • “You wife and daughter should BOTH be deported!”

      For that matter, the whole goddamned family should be deported to Afghanistan (or jailed). I just do not see any of them as Americans.

  4. I never knew cruelty was hereditary…it seems to be inbred in the Trump offspring. Nothing like advertising your white privilege in the faces of broken hearted refugee mothers. So shameful and disgusting! I hope the world boycotts any product bearing the Trump name. Please Karma, take notice!


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