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There’s not much to say here, the facts are pretty clear:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has said repeatedly that the national party shouldn’t, and won’t, endorse in primaries. But on Thursday, he stood on a Long Island stage and endorsed Andrew Cuomo, the New York governor who is facing a challenge from actress Cynthia Nixon. — www.politico.com/…

Joy Williams, who is advising Nixon’s campaign and was also onStacey Abrams’ campaign was very confused by Tom Perez’ decision to suddenly get into the primary endorsement business.

So was C-Span, and most people who’ve been paying attention to what the DNC is doing this year.

In March, when asked on C-SPAN about backing candidates in House primaries, Perez said the DNC should not endorse, as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had started doing.

“One thing we’ve learned at the DNC is that when you, in fact or in perception, are trying to put the thumb on the scale in a spirited primary, that can undermine public confidence in us,” Perez said. — www.politico.com/…

Ah, I get it, we don’t want to create the “perception” of “trying to put the thumb on the scale” except when it’s really needed by a dynastic candidate who shuffles donors and favors our way.

Come on Subir, you’re all saying, that’s unfair to Perez. Uh no:

“Tom has a decades-long relationship with both Gov. Cuomo and Lt. Gov. Hochul. From knocking on doors for the governor’s dad in Buffalo to their work together on fair housing in the Clinton administration to their collaborative work during Tom’s tenure as labor secretary, the two have many shared accomplishments and developed a strong personal bond,” said the DNC official. — www.politico.com/…

Yes, I’m not making this up. Perez’s spokesperson straight up said, Andrew Cuomo’s dad helped Perez start his political career and the two have had a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” relationship for decades, so of course Perez will break his own self-declared rules and endorse Cuomo.

Too bad Cynthia Nixon, who was raised by a single mother, didn’t have a governor as daddy who could give Tom Perez a boost into politics, ‘coz then she’d have a shot at his endorsement.

You literally could not imagine a more clueless and inept group than the DNC and D-Trips when it came to adjudicating primaries. After a bruising 2016 primary fight that exposed dee fault lines within the party, this foolishness continues. Not only is it transparent machine politics (“Cuomo’s father gave me a start in politics”), it’s political malpractice:

Collecting signatures for candidates to get on the ballot had never been this easy for Mike Tindall.

As he canvassed in Philadelphia’s western suburbs, Tindall got 115 voters to sign up in one weekend, discovering two main résumé credentials that primary voters wanted: Female candidates and those who were new to the political fight.

“They want somebody who’s fresh,” Tindall, 68, said in a late March interview after a meeting of local Democrats. “They want somebody who is fresh and unencumbered.” — www.washingtonpost.com/…

That’s right, Democratic primary voters across the country are signing up to vote for women, and for fresh candidates. And the DNC, in the form of its Chairman, Perez has decided to respond to this enthusiasm by supporting… a two-term incumbent governor who is the son of a former governor. Andrew Cuomo, we’ve never seen a face as fresh as yours for NY politics.

Like I said, you could not make this up, if you tried.

Here’s the silver lining. Cuomo has been scared straight by Cynthia Nixon’s primary challenge.

He knows he’s in for the fight of his life. He’s calling in all his chips, demanding that every person he ever helped get a job or position in NY or DC line up to applaud his third-term as governor. It’s machine politics, Albany style.

The governor has previously basked in praise from Rudy Giuliani (“he’s governed like a Republican”) and helped create the turncoat IDC to burnish his “bi-partisan” credentials. This season, he’s “evolved” on a host of topics, including the IDC, more funding for the MTA and legalizing marijuana. Funny how a progressive challenger leads to so much evolution on policies. But as with all things Andrew Cuomo, you can expect all these promises to be watered down if he wins. We need to “compromise” with Republicans you see. And if Democrats control all branches, well we’ll just create another group of DINOs and hand one house to the Republicans so Cuomo doesn’t have to defend a straight-up progressive bill in the Iowa caucuses.

Again, Perez, the sitting DNC chair, doesn’t even pretend to say he’s supporting Cuomo because he’s a better candidate, has better policies, or will be more effective for NY. It’s entirely based on what Cuomo did for Perez, “personal friendships” and calling in favors. They’re so deep in the machine they can’t believe anyone would question the need for cogs. So the Democratic party establishment continues to operate in “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” completely oblivious to the political environment around them.

Democrats are clamoring for visionary candidates, and the party presents us with Andrew Cuomo, who’s only ever had one vision, of himself in the White House.

The desperation is so deep that Perez has decided to make a giant bonfire out of his credibility and the DNC’s for every Democrat to see.

Perez said he was very serious about taking the DNC’s thumb off the primary scale in 2018 and beyond. Acknowledging lingering concerns from 2016—some of which are being addressed by a Unity-Reform Commission processthe chairman said in March: “We’ve got to make sure the process is fair in fact and fair in perception, so everyone feels like they got a fair shake.” The vital thing is that people have confidence in the Democratic Party” and its nominating processes as “open to everyone.”

Restoring and maintaining confidence in the party is a delicate task, especially with lingering mistrust among different factions. As chairman, Perez has used precise language to describe what is necessary to build that confidence. “Scrupulously neutral” was the term Perez employed just last week, when he was asked whether the national party might intervene in the Georgia primary between former legislator Stacey Abrams, a high-profile contender who had attracted significant support from progressive groups that were excited by her base-building campaign to become the country’s first African-American female governor, and former legislator Stacey Evans, who had secured endorsements from former governor Roy Barnes, former senator Max Cleland, and a number of other old-school Georgia Democrats.

On May 18, Perez said the DNC needed to maintain strict neutrality “because we think the voters should decide that.”

That was then. This is now. On May 24, Perez appeared at the New York State Democratic Party convention to deliver an all-in endorsement of Governor Andrew Cuomo and his running mate, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul.— www.thenation.com/…

I think we got it. If you’re a progressive woman who isn’t allied with a Democratic dynasty, you’re up shit creek when it comes to the DNC and you’ll be fed pablum about “staying neutral”. But if you’re a middle-aged dude with a powerful patronage machine, well then expecting neutrality is just not “pragmatic” or “friendly” you see.

Surely, Perez’s adept imitation of a spinning top changing positions weekly to privilege “personal friends” will energize the base for 2018 and beyond. All those Democrats clamoring for more women to run and for fresh faces are bound to be so enthusiastic about Andrew Cuomo third run for governor.

“Cuomo can cloak himself in all the endorsements he wants,” said Nixon spokeswoman Lauren Hitt, “but it won’t hide the fact that he’s effectively governed as a Republican for eight years.”

— @subirgrewal

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  1. FINALLY!! Someone besides me isn’t afraid to bring out the truth about our Republican NY governor, who claims to be and is a member of, the DEMs. This putrid piece of meat has NO redeeming qualities and his attitudes are very similar to tRump’s! I’ve asked to have him investigated twice now and will do so again, by the Fact Checkers! No one has bothered yet, but I think we’re finally seeing some interest in stopping this WH fanatic slide into oblivion. He’s useless as tits on a boar hog, I swear!


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