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One of the most vicious, blatantly dishonest and heartless presidents in American history, is now blaming Democrats for children being torn apart from their mothers and fathers, when it was Trump who ultimately ordered ICE and Border Patrol to do so. Some mothers who came to this country with their children, did so to escape sex trafficking, torture and murder. They did so to save their children’s lives. Now, in some cases, a those women have been deported even before their child knows their mother is gone. It’s hard to imagine the daily and nightly terror so many mstreated children must feel not knowing where their mother is or parents are or why they went away—or the horror and agony the parents must feel not knowing how safe or where their children are. What kind of ‘animals’ would introduce, pass and enforce laws that would allow such a thing? (And, what kind of Christian mother would support Trump tearing families apart?) We know who the animals are, but hard-pressed to understand how they can inflict or be okay with inflicting such suffering.


On Saturday, Donald Trump tweeted his big lie:

Just under two hours later, addressing the nation, the non-partisan, justice-seeking ACLU sets the record straight.

Minutes later, the fearless California Congressman Ted Lieu jumps in, while also bringing Melania Trump into to conversation.

Trump, his cronies and Republican Congress members are master propagandists, as was Hitler and his league of sadistic loyalists. But this time, we have social media—the Republican Administration will continue to be exposed and ultimately fail.

We place a lot of of trust, perhaps too much trust, on Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation to save us, or the Midterm Elections to save us. But they may not, and ultimately what will save us are the American people/The Resistance taking to the streets again and lawfully removing the corrupters and soulless pieces of shit  in control—from office.

With the current treatment of immigrant families, we have become a country many Americans no longer wish to call their own. Trump refuses to acknowledge that our country, in addition to the great Native American Indians already living here, have all created this nation. And each time Trump commits an atrocity, Republican leaders and the Republican Congress members should be held MORE responsible than him because they support/help/allow Trump to whatever he pleases, like the madman he is. If HIllary Clinton had committed just one of the blatantly dishonest, corrupt and self-serving acts that Trump commits every day, she would have been impeached last year by a Republican-led Congress—and impeached by a Democratic-led Congress who would not allow any Commander in Chief to get away with such acts.

Every day, MAGA Man and Republicans destroy more of this country’s greatness. Every day, they try to lock in their power, but the people are much stronger and Trump will not pull off his master scam—and like Hitler, his power will be demolished and he will pay a stiff price.  They all will.


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  1. Will they? I really do not have trust in other countries coming to save us from a despot. Americans broke away from the british rule, we as taxpayers have to literally oust him and his followers out of power. The time will come because if he steals another term, he will certainly will the seat to his daughter and get rid of the other 2 branches and free press.


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