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Republican never-Trumper Rick Wilson takes to the Op-Ed Pages of The New York Daily News to make it clear that drumpf is much less the Machiavellian master of disinformation that his idiot base and Fox news wants to believe, and much more the  “howling, feral mass of insecurity and need” that the vast majority of the other 65% of our nation perceives, recoils from, and fervently desires to see cast into eternal ignominy.

Wilson call in his open salvo on drumpf’s loyal base who see The Dumbass Don as a master poker player rather than what we knowhim to be, a bluffing four flusher with a diminutive and shrinking stack of chips pushing all in a desperate attempt to survive to another hand.

Then he gets to the meat.

About “Stupid-Gate”

“On Fox News, talk radio and in the Trump-right online media armies, the innocent Trump campaign was the victim of FBI spying against them, ordered by notorious Kenyan Muslim sleeper agent Barack Obama, evil sorceress Hillary Clinton and their army of Deep State apparatchiks.

The President wants you to call the FBI’s Russian counterintelligence program Spygate, but rational people have declined to indulge him. Stupidgate is instead just a ludicrous new chapter in the long chronicle of Trump dumbassery. (snip)

For the FBI actions Trump calls Spygate to be a real concern, it would require malice. Instead, we’ve seen justification after justification for a robust counterintelligence response to Russian malfeasance. Drawn to the Trump campaign like flies to the biggest manure pile in the universe, the FBI wasn’t after him, but rather — quite properly — the Russians who sought to (and may have succeeded) in subverting American democracy and corrupting our elections.

There’s a line in the 1990s film “Grosse Point Blank” where John Cusack’s assassin character defends his line of work. He says, “If I show up at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there.”

Wilson goes on to outline the failures of drumpf’s “dream team” of washed up lawyers, the mounting and harrowing legal troubles of Michael Cohen — and the danger all that poses for the idiot that would be king, his monumental misread of the intentions of Kim Jong Un and Chinese President Xi Jinping and the resultant Olympic size face-plant drumpf executed on his imagined road to Oslo and the Nobel Prize.

Wilson is appraised of our fears, however.

Tacitly acknowledging the apprehension of some that drumpf’s frenzy of activity is some form of Charlie Sheenian “winning”, Wilson feels that the best thing he can do to calm our rising panic is to point out that der Groppenfuhrer’s  recent machinations and gyrations are, like the persona the idiot has created for himself, will the help of John Barron, David Dennison and John Miller, all a stupendous and ultimately to be unsuccessful lie.

“No matter how much he spins it, no matter how many cute brand names and catchphrases he tries to jam into the media flow, at his core, Donald Trump is a man in a rising sea of legal peril, political risk and catastrophic failures. This explains his increasingly erratic behavior and dangerous efforts to corrupt the special counsel process, the Justice Department, and American institutions more broadly.

We can be dragged down into Trump’s wilderness of mirrors , or we can take a deep breath and appreciate just how truly terrible his week was. With Trump, it’s always the worst week, since the last week.”

I highly recommend this fun and reassuring read.

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