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Let’s all take a journey back in time, a time when we knew that Hillary would defeat Trump, because of course Trump could not possibly win the election.

This CNBC article, written prior to the election, the article references near undeniable evidence provided by – who else? – Rudy Giuliani, a Trump Campaign lackey at a minimum, that the Trump Campaign, through Rudy Giuliani, knew the FBI intentions to “get at Hillary” prior to the all-important, and completely forgotten, Comey letter to Congress regarding Huma Abedin’s emails and Anthony Weiner’s lap top.

Let’s listen to Rudy admit that the FBI was feeding the Trump campaign critical evidence, in his own words on Fox and Friends. He admits he knew of the laptop emails prior to Comey’s letter:

The news re-ignited concerns about Clinton’s handling of classified information and sparked debate over the FBI’s partisanship and possible influence on the election.

“I did nothing to get it out. I had no role in it,” Giuliani said of the email revelation. “Did I hear about it? Darn right I heard about it. And I can’t even repeat the language.

My friends, THAT, is undeniable evidence that partisan wrangling occurred within the FBI and – at least in this instance – resulted in the FBI (surely the NY office, where Rudy had contacts through his previous service as U.S. attorney) giving a Trump Campaign official, Rudy Giuliani, a heads-up, on then classified information regarding the emails found.

Oh, and I don’t believe Rudy at all that he had “nothing to do with getting it out,” I believe he had everything to do with telling them to withhold it until just the right time. Rudy may not have known the “perfect timing,” but someone did. I think Rudy told the NY agents to hold off on sending it to HQ in DC.

We know that Comey wrote the letter just a day or two after learning of the tapes existence. This means – again, undeniably – that the NY office held the tapes until the single most devastating date for their release, 11 days prior to the election, a week and a half prior. Lots of time to sink in, and too little time for the DC office to get the laptop and emails and confirm that nothing on them consisted of a crime.

The result was pre-ordained:

Though Comey did not accuse Clinton of any wrongdoing, it has not stopped Trump from alleging criminal activity on Clinton’s part and raising concerns about her ability to be president.

We also know that Rudy appeared on Fox and Friends days before the release of the Comey letter promising an “October Surprise” – surely referring to the laptop.

THAT, folks, is real evidence of real “informants” passing along information to the Trump campaign AND having the Trump campaign use the evidence before and after the release of the Comey letter. It has been well-publicized that the NY FBI office despised Hillary Clinton, versus the DC office that had far fewer political agendas, indeed the DC office controlled a real criminal investigation, one that has resulted in crimes and guilty pleas. The Russian connection to Trump.

More evidence, you say? Okay, from Huffington Post, published that same day, November 4, 2016:

Rudy Giuliani said Friday that he knew the FBI planned to review more emails tied to Hillary Clinton before a public announcement about the investigation last week, confirming that the agency leaked information to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign….

Giuliani has bragged about his close ties to the FBI for months, mentioning in interviews that “outraged FBI agents” have told him they’re frustrated by how the Clinton investigation was handled. And two days before FBI Director James Comey announced that the agency was reviewing the newly uncovered emails, Giuliani teased that Trump’s campaign had “a couple of surprises left.”

“You’ll see, and I think it will be enormously effective,” he said in an interview with Fox News.

Again, that, is real evidence, of real informants, passing along real illegal information, directly to the Trump campaign, information then used by the Trump campaign.

“Politically motivated spies in a witch-hunt” says Trump, this is our retort to the jackass.


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