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It literally blows my mind that so-called journalists are having such a difficult time using the word “LIE” in the same sentence with the name Donald Trump.

According to the New York Times Maggie Haberman, John Cusack saying she should use the word “lie” just ruined the classic teen movie “Say Anything” for her.

Awwww, John Cusack hurt her itty-bitty feelings and Say Anything will never be the same for her. Really?

Haberman and others who are the supposed firewall against Trump sinking our republic. They are literally pushing back against folks saying they should call a lie, a lie. Trump is lying. What’s so hard about using the word “lie”?

Haberman literally makes a lame excuse of why she can’t use the word lie, when Trump lies. Unreal. Haberman had no issues saying the Clinton campaign “lied”.

These folks haven’t learned anything since 2016. We are so screwed.


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