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So, what’s the going rate for obstructing investigators and helping a foreign country install a demented wannabe dictator as president?

About $2.3 million and a visit from the president’s coveted daughter

News, via The Hill:

President Trump‘s daughter and White House aide Ivanka Trump will visit California to campaign for House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) next month, a sign that the Republican could fear a tough reelection battle in November.

Trump will visit Fresno on June 18 to campaign for Nunes and other local Republican House candidates alongside House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) as part of the GOP’s “Keep The House” tour, according to local ABC News affiliate KFSN-TV.

Nunes has been on a fundraising tear of late, having raised over $2.3 million over a six-week span. He’s got a large direct-mail following, but also a lot of unitemized contributions, which means they could be coming from anyone. As we know, he’s pretty tight with money launderers. And there are a lot of rich people in Trump world who want to help him, primarily because he’s surrendering 230 years of American democracy to protect the most corrupt, least intelligent leader this country has ever had.

Most recently, he’s pushed to out an important FBI asset, endangering his life and the integrity of US intelligence agencies, for the sole purpose of obstructing an investigation that has Trump shitting bricks and tweeting shit.

Luckily, Democrats have an excellent challenger in Andrew Janz. The local prosecutor is a strong fundraiser, a smart campaigner, solid progressive (especially for the area), and really aggressive.

We’re raising money for Janz here, if you want to help out!

When Nunes shut down reporters recently, Janz stood up for voters and free speech:

He’s been trolling Janz over his unpopularity back home, turning the fundraising spree on its ear:

And he’s already all over Nunes for the Ivanka fundraiser:

Progressives Everywhere is raising money for Janz here, if you want to help out! And if you want to help out our entire slate of candidates, check them out here!

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  1. He can’t get his ‘chicken-ass’ out there and speak for himself?

    Imagine slamming the main newspaper read by your constituents. I guess you could fool the Trump base, but can’t handle the people who actually put you in Congress.
    I guess you can’t see the light with your head so far up BoneSpur’s rear.

  2. I am amazed at how much his kids have inherited his ‘corruption’ genes. We actually have our first ever crime family running this country. And that is ok with half the country as long as they get in on the take (the greedy rich, the Evangelical hypocrites, and the uneducated bigots) Oh yeah, and the white women who always succumb to the ‘Hollywood’ mystique.

  3. From Australia!, Ivankas ignorance is only beaten by her sexual prowese!!. Shes had more pricks that a used Dart board !!!!..????✌️


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