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I just wanted to share this tweet because of its succinct way of framing the point. This is something the left in general needs to learn in fact. It is not the message that matters so much as the framing.

The NFL owners cower in fear on this issue because Trump set the frame that most everyone looks at this issue from.

They are protesting the flag, therefore, disrespecting the flag and soldiers. That is the frame Trump put on it and that is the lens most of America looks at it through. That’s the starting point of the conversation. We are left explaining away the actions of the players as a result, instead of starting with the brutality and injustice still found in our criminal justice system. The protest did its job in drawing attention, and Kaepernick has always been very clear on what his purpose is, but the message is lost because Trump framed it as a flag thing and every news story every conversation about it starts there every time.

Republicans own the fame on most of the most critical issues of our day. Just look at the abortion issue Pro Life vs Pro Choice. That frame implies seriousness of one side and frivolity on the other. The Pro Choice side is of course the side that promotes freedom, family stability, women’s rights and good health. Yet the frame of the debate starts from one side defending something fundamental to us all, life, and the other defending an ephemeral idea, choice. They don’t need to describe why their side is important, we end up having to explain why choice is important. When people hear the message they tend to agree with us. But when they only hear the frame they don’t as strongly.

Framing is critical. In its most basic crude form it is what Trump did to Lil marco, Lyin Ted, crooked Hillary and so on. He was just framing the view of his oppoenents. So Marco had to act all out of character to prove he wasn’t little. I mean these opponents are left trying to explain away something ridiculous. But that is the power of being the one to set the frame. Opponents are always left fighting on your turf that way.

We must get better at framing the issues to advance our views.

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  1. NO more pictures of tRump and his cronies!!! (Please!)
    can’t you be more creative in the photo department?
    sketches/ places / vs: those contorted faces!!

    otherwise: keep up the good work in clarifying issues!!


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