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Jean / Flickr

Here’s Donald Trump trying to regain lost face after backing out of his negotiations with North Korea yesterday:

Who needs to root against Trump’s North Korea negotiations when he so effectively steps on his own dick at every turn? Also, there’s a difference between rooting against success and being skeptical that it can happen given that Trump agreed to talks without preconditions.

As for MS-13, Democrats are not the ones obsessed with the gang, which is a teeny tiny fraction of all immigrants. Democrats are much more worried about the parents and children being ripped apart, the migrant children being abused by Border Patrol, the Dreamers fearing deportation, the immigrants who’ve been living and working and raising families and building their communities in this country for decades. But Trump just wants to talk about a comparative few gang members—and here he’s reminding us that when he thinks MS-13, he thinks all immigrants, and when he thinks immigrants, he thinks MS-13.

And “your big Tax Cuts”? Sure, if you’re a billion-dollar corporation.

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