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Democratic Sen. Chris Coons is requesting further testimony from Don Jr. following revelations of a second Trump Tower meeting in which Don Jr. met with representatives of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Israel—all offering foreign assistance in electing Donald Trump in 2016. Don Jr.’s Trump Tower Two meeting reportedly took place in August and included UAE and Saudi emissary George Nader, Israeli social media expert Joel Zamel, and Trump associate Erik Prince, who also attended the secret Seychelles meeting just before Trump’s inauguration.

During his September 2017 testimony before the Judiciary Committee, Don Jr. testified that he wasn’t “aware” of any other foreign governments beyond Russia that either offered or provided assistance to the campaign.

“I am deeply concerned that, based on new information we learned this week, Donald Trump Jr. provided false testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and I would like to renew my request that he be called to return and appear before the full committee to testify in an open hearing,” Coons wrote to Judiciary Committee chair Chuck Grassley. Here’s a portion of Jr.’s September 2017 testimony cited by Coons:

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