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On Rachel, Adam Schiff said that the gang of 8 would be included tomorrow in the meeting.  Breaking News said absolutely there will be two meetings..Bipartisan  one after Memorial Day.   WHY?   To get their talking points on, that’s why and for exclusion of the people..all the people’s business.  We are not the United Republican States of America, are we?  DJT said , “No democrats allowed in this meeting”.  No..Hell No.  It does not work this way and people better stand up.

Did some high level official deliberately mislead Adam Schiff and why is Kelly going to be organizing the meeting?

Nunes is just a town crier for DJT.   Can our legislators file a petition with the court to stop this meeting unless a bipartisan representation is present?

This smells very strong and to me this IS a constitutional crisis.   Why just these two?  Schiff gave every indication before the Breaking News, the gang of 8 would be included but just now, it is very clear only Trey and Big Mouth the tattler will be present.   This must be stopped.

Call your legislators and demand representation regarding this disgusting dismantling of the protocal for the people of the entire country, not just Trump’s lap dogs.   Wasn’t Nunes supposed to be recused?

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