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What can you do with an unbelievably gaudy coin featuring the words “Supreme Leader” and Donald Trump’s name on both sides when the ill-conceived event the genuine gold-plated, baked enamel monstrosity celebrates fails to come off? You sell it at a discount!


Actually, this coin is not that coin. Not the official WHCA coin pictured above which was announced and displayed for an event that isn’t happening. This is another coin, one whose fearful visage has yet to be glimpsed by the public. And for only $19.99, you can get this coin, complete with velvet case, as a tribute to a meeting that was arranged without thought, handled without care, and ended in the spirit of rancor, thoughtlessness, and a threatened exchange of nuclear weapons. Hell, buy two.

Also on sale is an ornament to celebrate the same non-event. You may not want it near any item used in celebrating Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, or Eid al-Fitr. However, if your family erects the traditional aluminum Festivus pole, this ornament will make a perfect focus object during the Airing of the Grievances. Normally (in not normal times) this ornament sells for $85 dollars. But today only, you can get this tribute to pointlessness for just $59.

And don’t worry that, since the the summit has gone bye-bye, the coin or ornament will not be made.


That the summit didn’t happen, only makes this more precious. Please store next to your Loch Ness Monster / Bigfoot world tour T-shirt.

No. Seriously. They’re still going to mint these.


Tip of the hat to CNBC reporter Christine Wilkie who first noticed this incredible sale.

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