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I can’t think of a way to sum up everything wrong with our country right now than this one story.

Cynthia Tisdale’s husband lost the healthcare lottery: he was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. He is housebound.  Therefore, although retirement age, she was forced to work two jobs, both as a teacher and a restaurant server, in order to help pay for his medical expenses.  Again, we are the only industrialized nation on the planet where citizens can and do go bankrupt for health care expenses.

Because this is America.  

Yet for life-saving stem cell treatment, their family had to resort to the GOP’s alternative health care plan—begging for money online.

Because this is America.

This is what is deemed acceptable. Twenty people—just 20  f***ing people—have more wealth than half the nation!  400 families control the majority of wealth in this country, but we have to beg for medicine just to live.

Welp, Cynthia can’t even do that anymore.

Because, unfortunately, this is also America….

Santa Fe Shooting: Teacher Killed Left One Last Note for her Family


The victims’ names are Kimberly Vaughan, Shana Fisher, Angelique Ramirez, Christian Riley Garcia, Jared Black, Sabika Sheikh, Christopher Jake Stone, Aaron Kyle McLeod, Glenda Perkins…

and Cynthia Tisdale.

Glenda and Cynthia were teachers—the rest were children.

That Texas school had everything the NRA said a school needed to have in order to be safe—trained armed officers, a shooting plan, and lots of active shooting drills.

It was still a massacre.

We have had a school shooting at a rate of more than one per week. Kids are frightened because we are sending them into f***ing war zones.  I shouldn’t have my nieces and nephews telling me things they want me to know in case they are killed at school.

All because politicians, like my a**hole, NRA-backed Senator, still doesn’t think it’s time to talk about gun laws…

(Rot in hell, Marco.)

If you Google Cynthia Tisdale, take a note of how the media is treating her story.  It’s a positive spin. Most of the titles are about how her death is saving the life of her husband—because people are now donating to their GoFundMe page.

If the media was worth a damn, they’d use a title like mine—because that’s the heart of the whole story.  An NRA-enabled gun nut slaughtered a teacher who was only working past retirement to save her husband’s life— thanks to a manufactured medical crisis that could be solved if 20 f***ing people paid their fair share.

Yet it’s treated as a puff piece, because we don’t want to offend potential rightwing readers who are fully responsible for this being a story in the first place.

Because this is f***ing Trump’s America.

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  1. There undoubtly will be more such future Fucked Up Tragedies with that MADMAN, that White House WORM & his Legalized Gold Digging, Gutter WHORE In Charge Of Running (RUINING) the USA.


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