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The NFL announced the weak-kneed decision to penalize teams whose players decide to kneel in protest of racial injustice during the pregame playing of the national anthem. The decision came on the same day that an NBA pro-athlete announced he would be suing the Milwaukee Police Department for their brutality and misconduct. It’s a perfect American irony, as the very thing NFL players have been protesting is perfectly exhibited in the body cam footage the Milwaukee Police were compelled to release yesterday. The New York Daily News has been using its front page to make poignant editorial statements the past few years, and Thursday’s edition is no different.

Bald eagle named Uncle Sam attacking Donald Trump
Proud to be an American!

Even Trump-supporting New York Jets owner Christopher Johnson thinks the NFL’s new penalty is dumb. President Donald Trump, who has used the national anthem hoopla to rile up his deplorable base, wants to drive home how fucking racist he really is by suggesting that people who don’t stand at attention during the national anthem should be deported. 

For any parent who has ever taken a child under 18 to a sporting event, this is a real death sentence. Sorry, guys, Trump says you have to stand, and your 4-year-old is clearly some kind of Black Lives Matter terrorist. Yeah, I don’t care if your baby is white—see I’m totally not racist!

Also, call him “Emperor Trump” now.

And he owns your guns.

That’s how a real dictatorship works.

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  1. Thanks to the man who abuses the US Constitution everyday.

    Even kneeling towards the flag, surely is better than pop sneaking away during the anthem to take a piss, smoke, or get in the food line sooner.
    I guess if you want to raise their ‘rank’ to soldier instead of athlete it may have some merit. Otherwise, before 2016 some did not like it, which is their right, but life went on. That’s part of what living in this country is about. Some give & take, making accommodations, etc
    If you desire a more regimented life, and have everyone share a common loyalty while being watched for compliance by the government, then move to Russia!


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