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As House speaker, Paul Ryan was supposed to be living his college fratboy dream of gutting Medicaid. But instead, he’s losing farm bill votes and struggling to keep a grip on his speakership even though he already announced his retirement. This has poor Paul a little frustrated. At a closed-door meeting with his fellow Republicans, Ryan “told his colleagues that they need to stick together and behave as though they are in the majority,” according to the New York Times. But here’s how you know how deeply upset he is:

Representative Mark Amodei, Republican of Nevada, told reporters that Mr. Ryan was so worked up in speaking to the members that he “used the word ‘crap’ once.”

“For Paul Ryan, ‘crap’ is pretty blue language,” Mr. Amodei said, a reference to Mr. Ryan’s clean-cut image.

Just imagine if the poor guy had to face the things he’s trying to inflict on millions of Americans: loss of health care, loss of food assistance … do you think he might eventually go so far as to say “shit”?

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