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Just days after Nicole Wallace thoughtfully volunteered to massage Sarah Huckleberry Sander’s neck so that she might easier swallow Trump’s lies, the never-Trumping rescued Republican committed an act of almost singular journalistic integrity…. calling Dotard Trump a liar on Live television:

Politicus USA

Wallace said:

We will show you his outlandish claims made on the South Lawn of the White House. But instead of waiting until after you hear those remarks from the president to fact check them, we want to warn you in advance that his meandering comments include lies about the nature of the surveillance of his campaign as well as smears on the former FBI director Jim Comey. Also a key witness in the Mueller investigation. Attacking Comey, we understand, is the Trump legal team’s entire strategy for defending the president in the obstruction of justice investigation, which hinges, at least in part, on Comey’s firing. We also want to tell you his new bumper sticker spygate is also based on a lie. There is no evidence that anyone was spying on the Trump campaign. A counterintelligence investigation was underway.

And for the president who still doesn’t seem to know what that means, let’s try this. The good guys, American law enforcement agencies, were closely watching the bad guys, American adversaries like the Russians. The reason Trump’s campaign is in the mix is because they ended up in close enough cahoots with Russians to raise suspicions. With those facts in mind, here’s the president’s performance today.”

Not to be outdone, Jake Tapper soon muscled in on her act.

Huffington Post

“On Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Lead,” Tapper dissected Trump’s latest unsubstantiated “SPYGATE” claim that the FBI conducted surveillance on his 2016 election campaign for “political purposes.”

As “we await the investigation into the matter,” said Tapper, it’s “worth remembering that while we’re sticking to the facts and telling you just what we know, President Trump apparently has no constraints since he simply makes stuff up.”

He frequently lies and has a long and well-documented career engaging in conspiracy theories about all manner of subjects with no concrete evidence ever provided,” Tapper added.

The CNN host then listed just a fraction of the unproven conspiracy theories that Trump has touted:”

Here’s hoping the rest of the media, including the nightly news anchors, soon catch up with Nicole and Jake in calling out the biggest windbag and unapologetic liar in American political history out for his mendacity.

After all, as Malcolm Nance observes, it’s for the dotard’s own good:

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  1. Excellent piece; and it’s believable, logical, and typical of the style of tRump! If there was ever anything that could pull this country together, it’s tRump, the GOP, and the communists who infest them, including the NRA and their support.

  2. Trump is not a Liar cause CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump really believes in his SICK MIND & DISEASED BRAIN that his TWISTED, INSANE FANTASIES are ACTUAL TRUTHFUL FACTS.

    • D.D.T. carrot Head_I agree- Trump D for DUMB trump really believes in his SICK MIND & DISEASED BRAIN that his TWISTED, INSANE FANTASIES are ACTUAL TRUTHFUL FACTS.
      I don’t believe a word that comes out of his hole, its call a mouth for any others.


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