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A poll put together by Navigator Research has some truly disappointing news: Among the people they polled, most don’t realize that Robert Mueller’s investigation has actually uncovered crimes. According to Navigator, that number is 59 percent of respondents who don’t realize that indictments mean that a crime is believed to have been committed and there is enough evidence to pursue prosecution.

The Hill points out that this group of pollsters are “left-leaning,” and the information they are gleaning from the public in this poll clearly shows that Trump’s support is based almost entirely on ignorance of the facts. Because everyone believes they know about the investigation in some form or another.

The Navigator poll also found that nearly all of those surveyed have at least heard of the Mueller investigation. Forty-nine percent said they’ve heard a lot about it, while 32 percent said they’ve heard some, 15 percent said they’ve heard a little, and just 3 percent said they’ve heard nothing about the probe.

The good news is that the majority of people polled still believe that the investigation should continue forward. An important distinction here is that more people believe the investigation should move forward when pollsters remind people of the hard facts, while less are convinced of the need to pursue this investigation when simply being given the more amorphous “Russians will meddle” motivation for pursuit.

Americans are more persuaded when it is pointed out that the investigation has yielded 22 indictments or guilty pleas, or when it is argued Trump should let the investigation continue if he’s done nothing wrong and that no one is above the law – not even the President of the United States. Importantly, these arguments are considered persuasive by two-thirds of independents. It’s less convincing to counter that ending the investigation would encourage more Russian meddling, or to simply appeal to the credentials of the investigator, special counsel Robert Mueller.

The long and short is that knowledge is power, which is why Donald Trump works very hard to muddy the truth with his swampy cesspool of a mind.

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