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Tomi Lahren is the Fox News “it girl” who frequently appears on the network to give America her “final thoughts”—thoughts which tend to be cruel, simple-minded and even overtly racist. She fancies herself as a tough talking conservative, owning us “libs” at every turn and the right-wing echo machine has certainly rewarded her with increased visibility and a national platform on Fox News.

Now Tomi Lahren and her deplorable followers are outraged because she was confronted by Minneapolis restaurant patrons who were enjoying brunch and one tossed a glass of water on her as she and her mother stormed out of the restaurant. [To be clear: please don’t throw drinks at Tomi Lahren.] Before we get to that video, here’s a reminder that Tomi Lahren recently suggested to her followers that they head to Whole Foods to confront liberals in some ridiculous immigration analogy.

Please keep in mind, this is one of the least offensive things she has to say. She’s carefully crafting her racist brand, building a reputation for being the meanest of the mean girls, a take-no-prisoners conservative. Well, that didn’t sit well with the hip-hop themed brunch patrons at the UNION restaurant in Minneapolis. Here is a first-hand account from The Blast:

Witness Devan Madison tells us he and a group of friends were at Union Restaurant in Minneapolis on Saturday where his friend was actually serving the Fox News pundit and her mother.  He claims “My friend told me she [Tomi] was extremely rude and had a big attitude.”

We’re told when Lahren got up to leave the restaurant, a woman sitting at Madison’s table threw a glass of water on the conservative mouthpiece. Madison claims that “literally the entire restaurant started cheering.”

We spoke with the bouncer in the video, Jeremy Jackson (not that one), who said that Tomi claimed she saw the brunch group “scowling at her” on her way out of the eatery and said, “Just another day in the life” as she walked by them. That’s apparently when the drink was sent flying.

Patrons immediately took out their cell phones to record the aftermath while a “F**k that bitch” chant erupted in the background.

After the water was thrown, Lahren can be seen coming back to confront the woman, where the pair had heated words and other patrons began cursing out Lahren. A bouncer stepped in to break it up and Lahren and her mother angrily stormed out of the restaurant.

Tomi Lahren was on Fox & Friends to talk about it this morning, she says she’s “tough” and she can take it but that the parents of the restaurant patrons “raised them better” and felt they would eventually be shamed. She also said people don’t have the right to throw things at her. She’s partially right, people shouldn’t be throwing drinks at her, but they should be throwing endless shade her way. It is difficult to find one single ounce of sympathy for her when she’s building a reputation and a carefully crafted brand centered on racism. And, of course, her appearance on Fox & Friends drew the attention of their #1 fan.

Needless to say, the video has spurred quite the reaction on Twitter.


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  1. I imagine many of the patrons were restraining from doing more and saying more.
    It is important to tell the Lahrens of the world, now and then, that they don’t walk on water and they only speak for a minority of the population that is still learning to think for themselves.
    I think being cool, and acting appropriately is a good approach. But maybe it is time to clog up the lines and mail of Fox News with contrary commentary.
    I think if the naive and voluntarily ignorant of this country are subject to a barrage of ‘truths’ to the point where they realize this is not what most Americans want, even a few might wake up.


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