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Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s relationship to the Title IX is not good. She has attacked it in order to take away support and protections to survivors of rape, sexual assault, and harassment. Inside Higher Ed has a report of a Title IX complaint, filed by Kursat Christoff Pekgoz, a doctoral student at the University of Southern California. Pekgoz wants to end the brutal oppression of men in higher education.

Pekgoz argues that women no longer are an underrepresented group in higher education, given that they make up the majority of students. As of fall 2017, more than 56 percent of college students were women. Because of this, certain Yale programs and scholarships that exclusively advantage women are against the federal statute, he asserts. (Yale itself has an undergraduate student ratio of 51 percent men to 49 percent women, according to federal data.)

In his complaint, Pekgoz targets different Yale initiatives that he believes are discriminatory against men; the federal agency decided to only take up some of those, among them some scholarships for women, a faculty network designed just for women, and a program to train women in political campaigning. The department declined to investigate Yale’s Women’s Center or its Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies because they do not exclude men, it said.

He also says that women are paid better than men and men are paid less but work more dangerous jobs. Mr. Pekgoz sounds like he’s angling for some talking head time on any one of the right wing networks! According to some statistics, it hasn’t been until the last couple of years that the percentage of college graduates that were women has risen above men. I guess all of this reverse sexism that liberal elites have planned to cuck manhood into oblivion is working!!!! As FOX 61 reports, the tyranny of women will now get its Title IX investigation from Trump’s education department.

OCR is investigating seven of the 17 organizations Pekgoz accused of exclusively benefiting women at Yale – the Women Faculty Forum, Working Women’s Network, the Yale University Women’s Organization, Yale Women’s Campaign School, Yale Women Innovators, Smart Women Securities, and Women Empowering Women Leadership Conference. OCR dismissed complaints against the other groups because they either do not exclude men or are private or non-profit organizations not affiliated with the university.

He said he chose to file the complaint against Yale because it “has a much more toxic environment against men.”

So true. When I was in college I found myself forever feeling oppressed by the “fairer gender.” It’s why I write here at Daily Kos, suffering from liberal Stockholm Syndrome.

The trick to being a right-wing “intellectual” is to be a mediocre college student who either considered himself the best debater on his (and it’s almost always a “he”) high school debate team or thought that saying he’s a “feminist” freshman year meant that women were obligated to date him. Upon realizing that his narcissistic belief that God made him a special snowflake for all to adore, he decided everyone was wrong. Using two years of words and phrases like “cult of domesticity” and “hegemony” gives just the right amount of intellectual patina to be considered “smart” on television shows that consider high discourse to be wondering whether President Obama was a secret Muslim sleep cell.

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    • Yeee yah… she is. I understand she has signed up for a course on the meaning of reverse discrimination. This is our head of education. If she ever learns the value of a good education she may understand she did not have one.
      Not a real brain-trust, this one. Considering who appointed her, it makes sense.


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