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The Deadline Club is the New York Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, a group dedicated to “supporting and honoring the best in New York journalism.” At the group’s annual awards dinner, veteran 60 Minutes reporter Lesley Stahl interviewed PBS Newshour host and editor Judy Woodruff. Their discussion inevitably led to Donald Trump and Stahl recalled asking him why he relentlessly attacks the media. Listen to her telling response:

As Paul Harvey used to say, “now you know the rest of the story.” Donald Trump doesn’t likely even believe half of the mean-spirited and unfounded statements about the media that come out of his big mouth. He’s using these attacks as a shield, a dangerous shield against the truth and truthful reporting. Hats off the media who keep at it and brush off his attacks. Truth will win in the end.

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  1. Just shows you that Trump isn’t as smart as he thinks (we know that already), when he discredit everyone but FOX he doesn’t realize there’s nothing but BS coming out of there, from a bunch of idiots.


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