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Class Day, a Yale College tradition, takes place on Old Campus on Sunday at 2:00 p.m., and includes the awarding of academic, artistic, and athletic prizes; the celebration of undergraduates; and an address by a notable speaker. Seniors wear academic gowns with headgear of choice…

On this Class Day  the classy speaker brought the headgear of her choice, a Russian ushanka hat to take a swipe at The Colluder-In-Chief…

She also got off a salvo at Rex Tillerson, according to Mother Jones….

“…her comments became more pointed as she described the current political situation, particularly the Trump administration’s disregard for facts, data, and real news. To bolster her point, she name checked her fellow former secretaries of state, quoting Madeleine Albright’s new book, Fascismand praising Rex Tillerson for his recent criticism —”perhaps a tad late”—of his former boss.”

HRC also addressed school shootings:

It’s gratifying to see her looking good and getting off some barbs at drumpf and Co. on an otherwise despicable news day.

Keep the hat, Hil, maybe you can wear it to the impeachment Day Parade.

Here’s the whole speech.


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