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What gets under President Donald Trump’s skin? Virtually anything that he perceives to be a slight against how strong like bull he is. Of course, most everything we collectively call “reality” is a bonafide slight to Trump’s character and acumen, in any and every walk of life. Former President Jimmy Carter has one of the unique distinctions of being better and more deservedly loved by the public after his tenure as commander in chief. President Carter gave the keynote commencement address at Liberty University in Virginia

He opened his speech with welcoming statements to the crowd and faculty, the parents, and student body. Then he gave a master class in how Jimmy Carter trolls someone.

This is a wonderful crowd. Jerry told me, before we came here, that it’s even bigger—I hate to say this—than it was last year.

Trump hates people pointing out the size of his “crowds.”

Last year, Trump spoke at Liberty University, where he promoted this catastrophe of white Christian nationalism. President Carter struck the opposite chord, spending time discussing the Christian teachings of kindness, compassion, and humanity made famous by some Jesus of Nazareth guy.

Watch Carter’s address in the video below.


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