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Fibonacci Blue / Flickr

Soon after the nation learned that we had witnessed yet another mass shooting at a school, Cameron Kasky tweeted this.

As it turned out, Kasky was remarkably prescient. Within literally hours of the shooting, the deplorables were already wailing that we were being snowed by “crisis actors.”

It started when the owner of an online store that sells right-wing kitsch saw Paige Curry talk about how it came as no shock that this terror finally happened at her school. This “patriot” actually thought the reporters were feeding her a script.


I can’t even. Let this deplorable have it on Twitter and on Facebook.

I managed to track down more examples of a conspiracy theory playing out in real time; check them out at RDTDaily.

This is not acceptable. These kids didn’t even have a chance to heal, and these clowns already started in on them.

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