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Do you wonder why Alan Dershowitz is always on television defending Donald Trump while assuring everyone that he is not defending him? It has baffled me for some time now. He argues that this investigation is wrong on the basis that there is no reason to believe that a crime was committed. Well, I think he showed his hand on Sunday morning.

Mr. Dershowitz claimed that there are occasions where it may be acceptable for foreigners to donate or help-out in an American political campaign. George Stephanopoulos asked; what, there is a law that makes it a violation for any foreign citizen to donate anything of value to a campaign. Mr. Dershowitz said no, that isn’t necessarily true. He said “let me explain”; (I am paraphrasing here) Mr Dershowitz went on to say: “suppose some foreign countries are concerned that former President Obama was strengthening the country of Iran to the extent that it endangered their security?” They have the right to do that. George reiterated his belief that it is illegal, but Alan simply rebuffed him by stating that it is not illegal. He and his other guest just looked at him with a very puzzled look, and eventually just moved-on as is usually the case when there is disagreement on one of these talking head shows.

It just keeps getting crazier and crazier. I was also reminded this morning that each time we see Trump selecting a credible person to his cabinet; the general consensus seems to be relief. Larry Kudlow is a recent example. He was also interviewed on the show. Most people felt that he would stand-up against trade sanctions. That has not been the case. When he was questioned about Trump wanting to unjustly raise fees on Amazon, he claimed ignorance. When pressed by George, he just obfuscated. Unfortunately, we always find that Trump simply corrupts everybody that he comes in contact with.

Back to Alan Dershowitz: I think it is now very clear (at least to me) that Alan is defending Trump for much the same reason that Netanyahu defends Trump. While I can’t be sure if Dershowitz and Netanyahu are actually bigots or racists, I can be certain that their particular political views are consistent with the Views of Donald Trump in at least one area. They (and perhaps many more Jewish people) are using Trump much the same way that the Republicans are using Donald Trump. While I can understand that their actions may be justified by their self-serving interests, it becomes a serious problem when it also jeopardizes the democratic Republic of the United States. I have always admired the Jewish people for many reasons. I have also always felt that it is right for the U.S. to support them. However, Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Dershowitz are demonstrating why we cannot blindly support foreign governments.

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  1. I think Trump sold his Soul to Putin the Dark Dictator and is playing/using anyone to get their help in his protection. Eventually we’ll find out just how deep that dark hole is that he is so busy digging. Then we can fill it in and cement it over forever.

  2. I watched that interview and kept asking myself, did I hear that correctly ??? It was so bizarre and made no sense.

  3. Alan Dershowitz has a long history of putting the ambitions of Israel ahead of the stability and preservation of the United States of America. In that light, it is clear that the USA’s foreign policy has supported Israel as a needed ally in regards to our (questionable at times) desire to impact access to Middle-Eastern oil resources. With the power of the USA behind them, the Israelis have (allegedly) gained nuclear weapon capability, absorbed ALL of Palestinian land other than the Gaza Ghetto, and ruthlessly over reacted to any small threat to their borders. Having suffered the Holocaust evil in WW2, I, like most of the world, understand their passion for self identity and prevervation…

    However, there are limits to my support, and I am personally shocked that a people who claim to have a singular religion as the basis of their National identity could receive land as an expression of international goodwill, and then turn around and use every possible excuse to steal from the Nation that it was partitioned from, to the point that millions of Palestinian people are clustered into a few miles of ghetto impovershed desperation. Dershowitz has long supported that, and supported Netanyahu. And for sure, Netanyahu has to be respected for ensuring the stable existance of Israel. He won. It’s over. But the stain of cruelty is on their hands. I personally cannot not see it.

    Just as I cannot not see Trump for the liar, bigot, facsist that he is, and the dangers he presents to American Democracy and to our future standing in the world.

    If Trump and family committed treason, I expect the USA Government to prosecute them to the full extant of the law. Dershowitz is pathetically off=base in his views, in that respect.


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